When you send parcels to us ...

please pay attention to our important hints:
Cover the devices careful because the transport companies dont care while transport.
They toss throw cast and kick all the parcels whatever button you put on it !


              left pic = WRONG                               right pic = PROPER                    

We've received in the past a lot of such wrong covered Laptops / Notebooks and found heavy defects from transport. If you dont like have trouble the transport companies please dont send your device not in such flat packs !
Please dont forget to add in the parcel all of the equipment like cabels adaptors power adaptors connectors ... Especially on laptops often times the error is not in the device but in the power adaptor or in connenctor and you dont know it. If you send some power adaptor for load batteries please send the batteries too. We cannot have all of the different types of loaders and different types batteries but both have to go together.
Please dont send total dirty devices or systems to us - we are not your charwoman but only electronics-engineers and technicians and master in a clean electronics workshop. If you send tirty devices or systems then you have to pay extra for externaly cleaning before we start repair.
Please allwasy add your home adress and cell phone number and email so we can contact you as soon as possible. Your data are secure here - we dont public - and we dont use it for ads or newsletter.
On parcels from abroad dont forget the declaration with a correct filled button ''CN22'' good viewable on the parcel. Write on the button ''for modification'' and safe the receive paper for show it when our parcel come back to you. If there is no declaration button and we should pay duane toll then we dont take the parcel.
We'll send back the repaired device in good covered parcel and we'll include the bill. Please pay attention of the bill date and the payability and payable date. If you dont pay the bill then we put you on our blacklist and we'll start a expensive procedure and in future we'll work for you only if you pre pay !

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