We are diferent from other consulting companies !
We are more technical advisors and we are dynamic decision-maker big hitter action people. We do more than consulting and advice, we really touch and we really make ! We do not sit in office and google on computer, but we really go out where the job is to do and we do it - and we do it for you and we do it for less price then other consulting companies because we are a little mixed team of young dynamic engineers and older very experienced specialists with more than 35 years successfully work. Now we like to give to YOU our massive experience in sections of electrics electronics mechanics and robotics. Many of the SME in Europe in traditional industries of electrics electronics mechanics and robotics don't know how to reduce all of there costs of production to only 15 percent. We'll show you the way to modern production. We are on your side, we'll assist you, we'll advice you how to do it, we'll consult you on every step - we'll escort you - and we'll give you protection and security especially against the massive and world wide operate chinese spy's. You should not outsource your production to China - better come with us to the Philippines. If you like we'll do more, we are able to represent you and your company active here in the Philippines. We offer to you as a first step ''technical consulting'' for start up a high efficient production line or upgrade a production line and our economist gives to you the calculation. Many of europian and UK companies are still very far from modern and low price ''production'' and should use our advice assistance and calculation. We'll give you the best solutions for your abroad start up a new and modern hightech production line in the Philippines - like many others of the europian companies did before. You'll decide the steps and we'll give you assistance on that - if you like to start up your own new production line or you like to delegate it to a british-philippine partner company we'll find for you. And YOU tell us if it should be a temporary or a permanent production line for you. We are a small and low price team of experienced specialists with good contacts to local government here in the Philippines. We are real active here for you with our team and we know the philippine economy and culture and society. The Philippines offers to you: low production costs and a very good infrastructure, good educated and low price expert staff and very attractive terms for entrepeneurs and start up or new production place (if we do it for you).
Additional the governement offers:
right now on some regions of the Philippines extreme good conditiones like (examples): up to 8 years tax free and duty free on special FreeEconomicZones AND a complete free of VAT option !!!
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