We the ANSTEC.PH company are located in St. Rosa City, about 25 miles southly of Manila, Philippines. We work mostly ONLINE with our clients in Europe, but we still have a little office in Bonn / Germany. Please pay attention if you order us with requirement of our physical presence in Europe maybe it will cost extra fees and charges. Sometimes we are not available on phone because we are on airplane or on a far island without connection. So we recommend for contact use the online communication ways (WhatsApp, FB-Messenger, Skype, Viber-Messenger, ...).
You can send eMail:   or message or VIBER or WhatsApp (in German language):   +49 1525 6072 186
or message (in English language): +44 7880 802517   or FB-Messenger: Andy.Anstec   or SKYPE:   anstec_andy
    our core team:
    Dr. Michael Neitzel, economy scientist,
    Dr. h.c. Andy Sieber, engineer, electronics technician, master of electrotechnics,
    Mr. Alexander Scherer, politic scientist and investment specialist,
    Ms. Anne Mahilum, philippine Business-Management-Administrator,
    Ms. Mae Invento Mahilum, philippine Business-Office-Administrator.
Data declaration: We dont use your data for ads and we dont publish it. Our company is located in the Philippines so valid is Philippines law !
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