For Investors !
For Investors we offer a special program because the very good conditions here in the Philippines we and you are able to generate high provit. Don't use non serious and abstruse and illegal finance products in the Panama or Cayman Islands. We offer to you a real and legal sharing system of German-Philippine companies with location in the Philippines and with high economic rate and also for you a high interest rate. The advantages of this kind of investments are the very good conditions for entrepeneurs and companies founded in the Philippines and the stable economic grows of 6.5 % on the Philippines.
We offer to you right now min. 5.0 % p.a. on contract duration of 5 years at min. invest of $ 50,000,- and up to 6.5 % on invest of $ 1 Mill. and 10 years contract duration.
if you're interested please message us, needless to say, absolute discretion.
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