Since many years chinese companies under control of the chinese gov. buy world wide HighTech companies. Under the table of investments and even with use of industry spys the chinese turbo capitalists dont no any break anymore for using knaveries for heist patents and technical inventions and technical developements and innovations and HighTech companies world wide and especially in Europe and US. - here we give to you 10 Rules for widstand them and dont go down:

1. The chinese turbo capitalists learned very fast from the US capitalists one thing, they tell lies ! What ever they tell you - THEY LIE !!!
2. If you have asian employees or asian investors in your company then pay attention they should never have access to your technical documents and patent documents and HighTech documents and your security systems. Serveral times in the last few years such people has stolen in the night the safe with all documents and disappeared trackless.
3. Protect your data systems hermetically. Asian (and russian) hacker steel every year documents over the Internet in worth of many billion Euros. Whenever possible dont use the INTERNET but use only a secured INTRANET insteed of the unsecure INTERNET and pay attention the machines and devices use only the INTRANET and have no physical connection to the INTERNET. Advise your system administrator for that. We are able to install and configure and service for you a efficient and 100% protected INTRANET.
4. If you have no other way and need to let produce your products in asia then you should not order in China. There are enough other asian countries (example the Philippines) with low price and high quality producer and the risc is much lower for larceny and predations of your patents and your ideas.
5. If you have no other way and need to let produce your products in asia then you should share your orders in serveral parts and dont give to the part producers no information of the complete product. Do you should give to them only the really neccessary data for the part production and nothing more.
6. If you order asian part producer for produce parts of your product then dont give to them the information that you are a europian or german orderer company. Use a fake name and fake address and fake shipping address. Especially the Philippines are very good for such action. All part productions will deliver there in the Philippines and in a there located German-Philippine company will be mounted all of the delivered part products to the final product and finally hidden shipped to Europe. If you like then we could do that for you.
7. Protect your products with a efficient copy protection. Since the 1980th we've seen how and what chinese product pirates and chinese heist and steel and copy. Today it means Billion Euros damages. A high efficient copy protection is essential if you need to protect your investments in HighTech inventions and developements of products and production systems. We could for you construct and mount a high efficient copy protection system.
8. Check on application and your employees and sub contractors and business partners for Verlässlichkeit. Are they accessible for aggressions or treachery or corruption ? Check it on social media. Could it be that employees take away technical documents or product informations ?
9. Dont take away technical documents with you at home. Your home is not that protected like your company. You should know that industry spys in the past faked accidents on the road and steel briefbags from managers of companies.
10. Pay attention on deliveries of parts and part products and components on entry in your company. Many of chinese part producers delivers very bad quality parts with a short lifetime but not the ordered quality. If you compare products for asian market with products for the europian market you will find a big difference in quality. Most of products from china for the europian market are very bad quality - most of it becomes too hot because a bad cooling system and thats the reason why components inside has a very short lifetime.
Give us a message if you like we should protect you and your products against the chinese industry spys.
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