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E l e c t r o n i c s - T e c h n i c i a n   a n d   M a s t e r   o f   E l e c t r o t e c h n i c s

We do repair all of your Audio- and Video- Equipment + HiFi-Components +
Amplifier + HomeCinema systems, allways low cost but high quality and waranty.
You can send your Devices everytime (24h on sundays too) to us for repair.
Just send, wherever from where you are.
You will receive allways a free estimate of cost and decide
repair oder not, if not we'll send back for free your device.


Good oldies (sample pic on left, a old amplifier from the 1960st) up to modern
DVD-blueray-player for HomeCinema system (pic on right a modern Cambridge-Player)
we do repair all of your video equipment for low cost but high quality.
If some one have special wishes, maybe for senior citizens or hindered people,
making the life more easy for them so please ask us for special extentions
of your systems in audio and video view and hear.

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