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E l e c t r o n i c s - T e c h n i c i a n   a n d   M a s t e r   o f   E l e c t r o t e c h n i c s

our world is the inside of all of electronics devices and systems - we do
repair and service for low cost but high level quality up to component level.
Construction machinery + printing machines + knitting machines + pump controls +
measuring and laboratory devices + elevator controls + robots + tools +
all kinds of electronics controllers from all branches we repair for you.

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Here are examples of our daily work: 40-year-old control units,
construction machinery and crane controls, etc. in some cases
the manufacturers no longer exist, nor are service documents and
circuit diagrams. Here are real experts in analog and digital technology ran.
Whether old relay controls or modern industrial computers,
they are professionally repaired here.
This is inexpensive for you - cheaper than a loss of production
and in any case cheaper than a new machine.
Please note: larger quantities of industrial circuit boards
we only repair in our workshop in Asia.
You can send us individual boards at any time,
You will receive a free estimate. our adress:

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